Workplace, Training, and Professional Services

Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace can create tension, cause turnover, and decrease productivity. On the other hand, a certain amount of conflict is inevitable and a natural stage in the development of any team. Often times deadlines, workloads, perceptions, personal relationships, and other situational factors can get in the way of the types of conversations that can make conflict constructive.

Mediation Matters provides affordable workplace mediation services for organizations & businesses located in any of the six counties we serve. Whether a conflict is amongst colleagues or between employees & management, we can provide a confidential, informal, voluntary, and neutral process where everyone involved can openly communicate.

Workplace mediation gives everyone the chance to express their needs, fosters mutual respect, ensures everyone has a chance to speak, and allows all participants to have a stake in developing a solution. Through mediation, participants can work on repairing damaged relationships or unresolved disputes and focus on how to better work together moving forward.


Training Services

Being able to constructively address conflict in a work environment is a crucial professional and managerial skill. At Mediation Matters we believe it’s a skill almost everyone is capable of developing through training and practice.

When we facilitate trainings & workshops for organizations, we strive to provide frameworks to develop new ways of thinking about conflict. Through these workshops your colleagues, employees, and volunteers learn to think about conflict as an opportunity to develop as a team and continuously improve. To look at some examples of different training opportunities, please visit the General Training Services page.

If you are interested in learning more about facilitation and training opportunities, please visit the Contact Us page on the website or give one of our offices a call.


Business Mediation & Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution in its various forms affords you the opportunity to resolve business and small claims disputes expediently and affordably. Whether it’s a dispute between you and a client, vendor, supplier, customer, or a member of the community, mediation provides a neutral, voluntary, and confidential venue. Moreover, mediation also provides a more expedient and less expensive avenue to resolve the dispute compared to a court proceeding.

Particularly for disputes where those involved are likely to maintain their relationship or do business together in the future, mediation provides a process where parties can express their needs, arrive at a mutually beneficial solution, and plan how to best work together in the future.