Veterans Mediation

Veterans Mediation

Mediation is an opportunity for everyone to be heard where you can develop your own solutions for your own concerns.

In recognition of the unique culture, experiences, and issues veterans and their families bring to the table Mediation Matters has developed programming to address these needs & circumstances. We understand the types of issues that can arise before, during, and after deployment (whether the individual was in a combat or non-combat role). Mediation provides a process for veterans and their families to work through issues, plan for the future, and meet everyone’s needs.

Any Veteran, Active Service Member, or family of a Veteran or Active Service Member, living in a county served by Mediation Matters can utilize our services, whether you are referred by a court, social service agency, or seek out mediation on your own.

Below are some examples of planning opportunities and/or disputes where mediation can be utilized.

  • Planning ahead for deployments financially and with respect to shifting responsibilities within the family.
  • Resolving issues that arise involving shifting financial and living conditions upon returning from deployment.
  • Resolving co-parenting issues involving parents living apart and sharing child-care responsibilities.
  • Disputes between family members and other relatives.
  • Addressing issues that arise in deciding how to care for family members with disabilities (to learn more about different programs, visit the Specialized Matters page).

The list above is far from exhaustive. Mediation can be used to settle disputes, begin repairing relationships, and generate solutions to family concerns that might not otherwise be considered. To learn more about mediation, visit the What is Mediation? and Mediation FAQ pages.