General Training Services

Our trainers will work with you to develop a training that meets the unique needs of the culture of the group being trained.


Conflict Resolution Skills

Handling Difficult Conversation

Topics include assessing different conflict management styles, learning active listening skills, reflecting and reframing the point of view of others, recognizing & handling your emotions, and dealing with sensitive issues. These trainings can range from a few hours to a full day of workshops.

Mediator Skills Training

Included in the curriculum are conflict analysis, active listening skills, the mediation process, and a significant amount of practical role-playing experience.

A full Basic Mediation Training is required to mediate with Mediation Matters and consists of an intensive 4 day training. To learn more about this please visit the Becoming a Mediator page.

We can also facilitate introductory trainings the cover basic mediation skills in one or multiple shorter sessions.

Peer Mediation Training

For administrators and educators looking to implement a conflict resolution program at their schools, we have a network of facilitators that can train your students to become peer mediators. Throughout this process we can work with you to develop the capacity to manage a peer mediation program that will meet your school’s needs.

Family Trainings

For community groups we can facilitate workshops targeted at teaching skills that help separated parents navigate conflict, develop communications skills between parents & teens, as well as other types of family issues.


Group Facilitation

Managing Meetings

In the professional world, we spend a great deal of time getting ready for, participating in, and following up on meetings. Unfortunately though, most of us have never had in training about effective ways to conduct meetings. These types of trainings cover meeting preparation, convening the meeting, and basic facilitation skills for running meetings.

Large Group Facilitation Skills  

This type of training provides teaches participants how to select & invite meeting participants, preparation steps for working with groups, managing multiple perspectives, closing meetings, and following up on what has transpired.