Mission, Vision, & Values


In recognition of the value of a peaceful community, Mediation Matters provides the skills and processes that help people handle conflict in a constructive way.

Vision Statement

To encourage a culture of peace by developing, promoting and providing non-violent conflict resolution programs that satisfy existing and emerging needs in the community in a manner that results in public awareness and ensures the financial and programmatic stability of Mediation Matters.

Vision for the Future

As a pillar of the Capital and North Country Regions we envision a future where Mediation Matters is the preferred choice of individuals, families and organizations seeking an effective forum for resolving disputes, managing effective relationships and facilitating personal and business processes. We see our programs serving as a model of excellence in the alternative dispute resolution field.

We will accomplish this vision by providing a safe environment to educate, empower and facilitate creative thinking to foster a change in how our clients approach conflict and deal with life’s obstacles.


  • Neutrality
  • Freedom of choice
  • Safe private space
  • Equal access to conversations
  • Quality of the process
  • Openness and inclusion
  • Participation and commitment to the process
  • Educating the community on conflict management