Mission, Vision, & Values


Mediation Matters expands access to the skills and processes that guide people, institutions, and communities through conflict, and fosters systemic change towards a more just and equitable society.

Vision Statement

Mediation Matters envisions a world where individuals, institutions, and communities have the tools and skills to navigate conflict in ways that build healthy and equitable interactions, relationships, and systems.

Organizational Values

We first ground our work in our key values as mediators, restorative justice practitioners, and facilitators:

Conflict as an Opportunity – We see conflict as a chance for better understanding, reflection, and growth, rather than a barrier.

Nonjudgement – We strive to conscientiously move beyond our assumptions of “right and wrong,” and make space for curiosity, multiple perspectives, and critical thinking.

Restorative Approach – We foster relationships and processes of healing and understanding, rather than approaching harm with transactional or punitive frameworks.

As an organization and as community-based centers, we also commit to:

Accountability – We aim to be fully and transparently accountable to all of our stakeholders, from the level of individual mediations to organizational priorities and decisions.

Adaptability and Equity – We commit to providing high-quality, contextualized services and activities to all clients, partners, volunteers, and participating communities, to make sure everyone is receiving what they need in order to fully participate.

Culture of Learning – We facilitate opportunities, policies, and practices that encourage all stakeholders to continuously acquire knowledge, reflect on their work, and make decisions based on participant feedback and needs.

Systemic Change – We work for long-term, transformative change to promote just and equitable frameworks within our social institutions and individual relationships.