Community Collaborations

We are dedicated to empowering our community’s non-profits, social service organizations, and community groups resolve conflict in a constructive way.



Mediation Matters partners with local non-profits, colleges, schools, government agencies, community groups, and community leaders on various types of initiatives. This page describes how to refer cases to the organization and the types of trainings we can facilitate in a variety of settings. Of course, potential collaborations can come in many unique forms beyond what’s described below. These are just the most general ways we work with local community organizations.

Visit Our Partners page to see lists of organizations we currently working with or have partnered with in the past. Also, visit the Workplace, Training, & Professional Services if your needs are more professional and business oriented.


Referring Cases

Mediation Matters serves as a valuable referral source for non-profits and social service agencies. We are always looking to develop new partnerships and expand the availability of conflict resolution processes in the community.

Often as a public servant, you serve as an advocate for your client or constituent. Sometimes conflicts arise in their lives where the need to maintain your rapport with them prevents you from being neutral. These kinds of conflicts are perfect for mediation.

Having a neutral third party host the conversation with those involved in the conflict can change the dynamic of the situation. Mediation provides an environment where everyone can express their needs and our mediators are trained in guiding participants towards constructive problem solving.


How to Refer Your Clients

The process is fairly simple. If your client and the other participant(s) are willing to mediate the conflict, contact us through the website or give us a call. We’ll need you to fill out the referral form, which captures the participants contact information. From there we’ll reach out to all the participants and begin the intake process.

On a contingent basis, your clients are considered self-referrals, since mediation is a voluntary process. If you end up referring clients on a regular basis, we have formal partnerships with several non-profits in the capital region and are always looking to develop more.


Trainings & Workshops

Spreading awareness and educating the community about conflict resolution is integral to our mission. Whether it’s a group of your clients, a community group, residents of an inpatient facility, youth program, or classroom our staff & volunteers are available to conduct workshops and facilitate trainings covering different aspects of conflict resolution. These trainings and workshops can be customized to fit the needs, experiences, and age levels of those participating. To learn more about our training offerings, please visit the General Training Services page.

If you are interested in exploring a collaboration of this kind, visit the Contact Us page or call any of our offices.  Also, please visit the Youth & Educational Programming page if you would like to learn more about the type of collaborations we do with educators and youth service organizations.