About Our Mediators

Our Mediators are dedicated, trained, and highly skilled volunteers from all walks of life. They are committed to helping our community resolve conflict in a constructive way.


What Mediators Do

Mediators help make sure everyone’s needs, feelings, opinions, and concerns are heard and addressed. They assist participants in identifying underlying issues in the conflict, finding areas of agreement, and developing collaborative solutions.

Why They Do It

They realize that mediation is the only venue where people have access to this kind of opportunity. There are plenty of other places where people can decide who is right and who is wrong. Our mediators have the skill  and passion to help people in conflict develop solutions that can make everyone better off.

Training & Confidentiality

Mediators will not repeat what is said in mediation and cannot be subpoenaed to testify about the content of mediation. Our mediators are trained under the supervision of the Unified Court system of New York State and exercise strict confidentiality in accordance with NYS Judiciary Law.


Mediators do not take sides, determine who is right or wrong, take testimony, or evaluate evidence. Mediators are there to host a conversation between the parties and help that conversation be as constructive as possible.

What Mediators Don’t Do

Mediators are not judges, lawyers, or counselors. They do not provide legal advice nor do hey provide counseling services. Mediators do not have an agenda and have no desire for a specific result.